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It is populary known as the Calvary Hermitage and it is located in the upper part of the town, at the foot of Creus mountain and between Mur and Jardins streets.


In front of it, going down until the town centre, there are large zigzag-shaped ramps of Via Crucis with small white temples and tall cypresses on each side, in a very good taste environment. The possibility of being declared as a Historic-Artiscic monument is currently under study. Up until now the Calvary is truly remarkable as one of the most important in the Community of Valencia.


In fact, until 1936 there were some cypresses from the 16th century.


The hermitage was dedicated to the Tavernes’ Patron Saint, the Christ of the Blood. The town has kept its devotion to its Patron Saint, mainly due to the miraculous intervention in the disapperance of the cholera epidemic in 1885.



It is a slender building with regular proportions which is oriented towards the town. It was finished in 1874.


It appears that there was a older temple dedicated to the Christ of the Agony in the same place.
The Neoclassical-style altar is decorated in golden. The image of the Patron Saint is worshipped in the niche. It is a woodcarving and it is after 1939. There is a replica of the Chalice used at the Last Supper.


The patron saint celebrations to honour the Christ of the Blood and the Divine Aurora are held on the second week in September. The carving of the Saint is taken down from its hermitage to the St. Peter’s Church (this is typical since 1885).



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