Tavernes de la Valldigna. Unique sensations.


It is located next to the Vaca river, in the Pla path we find a mill with a hydraulic system among rural environments and a long way from the town centre. It is an interesting ethnological heritage characterized for its original constructive tipologia in the most part of the building.


It is not sure when it was built but it is thought to be built between the end of the 17th century and the beginning of the 18th century, so it represents a property of considerable age.
It has architectural, ecological and historical values, through a factory of autochthonous construction, starndards of production environmently sustainable and that received a great importance during the low average age.



It is a water mill managed to their own profit by the Santa Maria de la Valldigna monastery during its splendour time, and that, like many other secular properties, after the Mendizábal desamortization, it ended up in public auction.



Inside the building we can not see the remains of the ancient machinery that used to be there; it is only a empty building.
The most important element that identifies it as a water mill is an underground system. Into the ground is where through the hydraulic power, system’s machinery runs.



Its potential lies in the tipologia and constructive technique, and it is obvious its impact and robustness.
It has a rectangular floor plan covering an area of 160m2 with 3 different ground levels. It is built on a man-made canal that ran water from the Vaca river; it needed a very solid construction to achieve that big stones were joined together with mortar.
On the ground floor mill the cereals were milled.
At this moment, it is used as a place to set up different activities like cultural exhibitions, poetry and musical events and other activities related to the cultural heritage.


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