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It is a hermitage built on the site of an old Catholic church. And it is located near Tavernes. It was probably built between the 16th and the 17th centuries in the disappeared town of Alcudiola. L’Alcudiola was one of the two alquerias (small scattered villages with few inhabitants, of Muslim origin, where the inhabitants lived in agriculture and cattle) next to the Massalari. Later, they became a part of the jurisdiction of the monastery of the Valldigna.


There were found 16 catholic burial sites in what was the crypt. Three more graves were found outside the hermitage. During the exploration, pottery, jewellery and rosaries remains were found too.


In the past, people workshipped St. Llorenç in the hermitage. People from Tavernes and Favara went on pilgrimage there, but each community built their own hermitage and the Alcudiola’s hermitage was abandoned.


The hermitage is now reformed.




It has a rectangular ground plan with stone walls and masoneria, that had been whitened. The ancient wooden voussoired door has been replaced by a barred metal door. The same has been done with the side windows. It has a round pointed arch that starts from the ground. The coverage has tiles shaped as canals to carry water, that after breaking down, were restored. A metallic cross is the only ornamentation in the façade.


Before the restoration, it was full of remains, stones and spray painted on the walls. There are two large rectangular windows in both sides of the room and illuminates the new enclosure: ceiling with wooden beams, a cement altar over a small stand and a niche at the head for the decorated plaster image of St. Llorenç.


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