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This church building is located in the Church Square. It was built in 1744 (specifically, the cornerstone was set on 20th September) and it was finished in 1750, but the decoration remained to be finished.


This church was built due to the growth of the population and the impossibility to welcome all the population in the former church. Its optimal position, facing the sun and at the foot of the Creus mountain, made people from Ràfol, Ombria and Alcudiola move to Tavernes.


This building has a Rococo structure, the half-barrel voult with buttresses and chapels were eliminated. Instead, the building was raised without columns; creating a wider and clearer space with stay light.
The slimmest part of the church is the big central dome and is 25 metres tall. Inside, there are 260 square metres.


The vaults consist of three round archs and the third arch is where de dome where built.


In 1758, the painter Vicent Peris painted the Glory in the presbytery and the apostles of the dome. The only wall decoration with religious connotations.


The bell tower is the most robust and ancient; it was and independent building first and this is comfirmed by the four lateral widows that are rectangular.


An important place inside the chuch is the Chapel of the Communion in acamedicist or neoclassical style and it was built in 1828.


The main façade, and the side have been reformed and enriched with works of prestigious artists like Mr. José Esteve Edo (sculptor) and Mrs. Carmen Machí (ceramist).



In addition, the chuch has its own museum which has several antique pieces such as incunabula, pieces of pottery, paintings, religious clothing, and other interesting things.


Don Miguel Andrada will tell you happily the story of the church, it is a piece of living Tavernes history. We encourage any person or group , whether here or not , to visit this part of the living history of our city. Tours are conducted on Thursday morning. Make an appointment.
Telephone contact: 620 26 85 26. Don Miguel Andrada.

Extract audio tour. (Valencian)

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