Tavernes de la Valldigna. Unique sensations.




During days the Falles are celebrated and our city fills up with monuments, music, celebration and happiness.


There are 6 Fallera Commissions and they are chronologically:


-Falla Portal de Valldigna (1976): Web Falla Portal, Facebook Falla Portal


-Falla Cambro (1979): Facebook Falla Cambro


-Falla La Via (1981): Web Falla La Via, Facebook Falla La Via


-Falla La Dula (1984): Facebook Falla La Dula


-Falla Passeig (1985): Facebook Falla Passeig


-Falla Prado (1987): Facebook Falla Prado
There is also the Federation of Local Board Fallera Fallas in charge of organizing joint events where all the falleras commissions involved. Facebook Junta Local Fallera


This festival is an important tourist attraction, so it considered a festival of International Tourist Interest. Many acts are celebrated, but there are some that never change:


14th-15th of March:


The plantà. The monuments are “planted”. All of them, the adult category and the children’s category must be finished before the 16th of March at 8:00 o’clock. A jury evaluates them.


17th of March:


The jury gives the prizes to the different Fallera Commissions.


18th of March:


The offering of flowers to the Mare de Déu del Desamparats, patron saint of the Valencia. It is a very emotional event. Each faller offers the virgin a bouquet of flowers, and they are used to do a spectacular cloak of flowers.


19th of March: Sant Josep.


The fallas are burned and this is the end. This fetival ends with fireworks before burning each falla.




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