Tavernes de la Valldigna. Unique sensations.



This route runs through The Creus’ mountain, it starts at the city’s sport centre and continues through town until we get to the defence wall. At the end of this stretch we can find the Calvari at our left.


From this point, we head right, continuing the defensive wall up to a bridge that crosses until the Tennis Club. We cross the defensive wall and continue through the path in our right leaving the Tennis Club to our left and the orange tress on our right up until we get to the bifurcation, we continue to the left through a path that that ascends to the foot of the mountain and from there to the right until to the footpath.


20 m from there we take the footpath on the left (Old path of Favara) that ascends zigzagging, through a pine forest, until we get to a footpath bifurcation.



We continue heading left, after walking through a levelled out path, the footpath starts de ascension through an extended slope until we get to a footpath crossover, where we continue right heading the Granata’s Fountain. The land is quite flat form where you can devise the Racó del Massalari, up until we get to another crossover and need to turn right.


From this point, we descend a short section of steep slope, and continues west until we get to another bifurcation. We continue left through a pine area that will take us to the Granata’s fountain.


Due to the situation where the fountain is found, it’s a good place to drink some water and restore some energy as you can find some picnic tables.


From there we continue through a forest track until getting to a concrete dam that connects with tar, and will take us until the crossover with the  Massalari’s path.


We continue to the right from this path until we get to the intersection to the Racó Redó’s path, that we take on our right. This path will take us to a forest truck that ascends up until a bifurcation.


The route will take us to the Racó de Joana, where there is another bifurcation, from there we will head right.


Continuing the forest truck, we will arrive to a drinkable water deposit, before getting there, there is a path that we have to take to the right. If we continue the path will take us to the Saint Llorenç’s chapel.


The path continues ascending up until we get to a crossover with the Travessera de Favara which we take to our left to descend down to the foot of the mountain.


From this point we will continue thouth the same route that at the beginning until we get to the sports centre.

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