Tavernes de la Valldigna. Unique sensations.


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From the employment workshop REVALORITZACIÓ DELS RECURSOS TURÍSTICS NATURALS we have developed an exciting and ambitious project, which has filled us with enthusiasm, not only workers employment workshop but also to all people from different agencies have offered us their advice and collaboration and which appreciate all your interest. ONCE essential collaborations, CEAPAT Department of Infrastructure, Planning and Environment and the unconditional support of the City of Tavernes.



ROUTE OF THE SENSES, has been designed and fully managed by the Taller d’Ocupació for the fascinating natural resources of the municipality are enjoyed by all people, including those with reduced physical or sensory abilities.


The idea came from the interesting while unusual coexistence four distinct ecosystems in the town of Tavernes. Being able to enjoy different natural environments in a confined space, it led us to imagine the incredible sensations that can be felt by moving from one environment to another leisurely pace, enjoying the whole environment but always guided by information panels and plates all adapted.


That is why we decided to include in the draft Revalorització dels recursos turístics naturals, creating our ROUTE OF THE SENSES, well marked and defined for enjoyment and information of the four ecosystems in the municipality: Forest  marshlands, agricultural and marine ecosystem.


Ullal is the gateway to the start of the Route of the Senses and the link with Route linking the Raco de Joana with the Ullal Gran.


This way, also part of the project Taller d’Ocupació, Revalorització dels recursos turístics naturals and during their journey from the Channel defense, direction Club de Tenis, to the Ullal Gran i Penyetes, you can enjoy the four ecosystems Tavernes de la Valldigna, with a different Route of the Senses approach, but with the same purpose, to improve the environment of the town and enjoy its beauty.


Four enclaves, elected on a tour of 14 km., To enjoy the ecosystem dunes, marshes, agriculture and forestry and to be surprised by the beauty of the journey.


A path to embrace nature in a sensory journey and to check the power of water, this vital way this route.


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