Tavernes de la Valldigna. Unique sensations.


This Hermitage is a cultural reference for the people in the Valldigna. Aside from being a sanctuary, it is a meeting place hallowed surroundings. The natural environment combines the height with the views and the path with the getaway. The modest building is connected with the landscape.


It is easily accesible on foot or by car. There is a recreational area with barbacues and during some holy days, the believers come here.


It is located in the Racó de Joana, the simple building is quite recent if we take into account its long tradition. The origin of the hermitage construction leads us to the Mediaeval period, when the Muslims ruled our lands and the valley had a small number of self-sufficient Saracen inhabitants.


During the best of times, the active and small village known as Alcudiola had a religious center and it is thought that the Christian hermitage in honour of St. Llorenç wa built here.


Later, the christian inhabitants migrated to urban areas, some prefered to go to Favara, whereas others prefered to go to Tavernes. Thorough this the old hermitage of St. Llorenç become part of Tavernes. It was located in the Teularet, and it was dismantled during the construction of the A-7 motorway on its way to Tavernes.


To replace the previous hermitage, another one was built in the Racó de Joana, and this is the hermitage we know today and that many christian people visit.


The traditional St. Llorenç pilgrimage is held on the 10th of August and there is a porrat (traditional market in dried fruit) around the sanctuary.


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