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The date of the Holy week changes every year. It is celebrated in March or April, depending on the first full moon in the Spring.


The Easter begans the Friday before the Palm Sunday and the Easter Sunday. Through different acts and events, the Christian community remembers the last days of Jesus Christ in the Earth; Passion, Death and Resurrection.


The confraternities in Tavernes are getting support from the inhabitants because each years there are more members in the processions and the celebrations are very emotional. The processions are:


Palm Sunday.

This procession is the begining of the Holy Week. This traditional procession is accompanied by the various confraternities and the image of Jesus. It starts in forecourt of the Sant Josep school where the palms are blessed.
The procession is formed by Junta Major of Holy Week representation and the confraternities of Tavernes, that are: Crist del Perdó, Germandat La Dolorosa, Jesús de Nazaret, La Flagel·lació de Jesús, Nostra Sra. de la Pietat, Sant Sepulcre i Soledat de Maria.
From this day, the processions of the confraternities start.


The Moundy Thrursday.

The washing of the feet and the Remembrance Supper are remembered in the Tavernes’ churches. The Via Crucis is celebrated in the Calavary at 23:00 o’clock. The Vera Cruz is replaced by the Cofradia del Sant Sepulcre. It is celebrated at a Holy Hour and there is a vigil of adoration.


Good Friday.

The most solemn procession is held. The procession of Sant Soterrament (Holy Burial).


Easter Sunday.

This is the day of meeting on Resurrection. It is a beautiful act that represents how the resurrected Christ meets the Virgin in white. When the two images meet, people throw flowers, it is very emotional. The confraternities take part in this procession and give sweets to the children.


San Vicent Ferrer.

He is the patron saint of the Valencian Community; it is celebrated the 2nd Monday after the Easter Sunday and it is a local holiday.
This saint is widely known by accomplishing miracles and he was one of the most important politician, theologian, intellectual and philosopher in the society of his time.

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